Monday, January 15, 2007

Chris McCarthy buys back Viva Estates

With more twists and turns than an Eldorado christmas special, Chris McCarthy, the ousted former MD of Viva Estates, has apparently bought back controlling shares in the company, thus putting him back at the helm.

The company had recently been seeking investment, following a fairly shaky period which has seen them adopt then abandon a 2/3% commission rate, switch staff from commission to salary and toy with the idea of selling products in emerging markets.

The big question is, can McCarthy turn round the ailing company? Answers on a postcard to Marcus Tandy.


Mal Jones said...

Joining infocasa? sheesh

Anonymous said...

This is great. Big Chris McCarthy back paddling and hoping no one notices that he's not actually as smart as he' like to think he is.

He set out to try an put agents out of business with his bungled 2% master plan and now he’s giving us the “I didn’t want to hurt anyone” bull.

I give Viva Estates 12 months before they’re out of the game. They deserve what’s coming to them for being a bunch of smart ars**.

Whilst Chris McCarthy is blogging his little heart out about why not to buy anywhere but Spain on his new colourful c-beebies resembling website, the guys at Macanthony are becoming the biggest independent real estate agents in Europe.