Friday, September 03, 2010

Keeping Busy

Its been a while...

Have you had a stroke?

No. Just been so busy with real life that blogging and other online activities have taken a back seat. Apart from ranting at substandard car companies here's what I've been up to:

  • Got made redundant. Boo
  • Got a new job with a great web design (york) company: Brightfive. Yay.
  • Built some new web projects of my own, the best of the bunch by far is my clever Hotel Finder application. Its pretty useful (I think). I did a more detailed write up of it here.
  • I got married. Yay. Wife has a blog too. Best link to it I suppose. Its mainly hormonal rants and recipes. You have been warned.
  • Having a baby. Yay. Boy. Due in September.
  • Got sunburnt like a proper Guiri (or is it Langosta?) on my last quick trip to Spain. Boo.
So its been a busy year so far.

Whilst not really my line of work any more - I still like to keep tabs on the Spanish property market. Here's a post I made on Spanish Property Insight using Google's Trends for Websites to compare traffic levels.

Lets not leave it so long next time...