Friday, September 03, 2010

Keeping Busy

Its been a while...

Have you had a stroke?

No. Just been so busy with real life that blogging and other online activities have taken a back seat. Apart from ranting at substandard car companies here's what I've been up to:

  • Got made redundant. Boo
  • Got a new job with a great web design (york) company: Brightfive. Yay.
  • Built some new web projects of my own, the best of the bunch by far is my clever Hotel Finder application. Its pretty useful (I think). I did a more detailed write up of it here.
  • I got married. Yay. Wife has a blog too. Best link to it I suppose. Its mainly hormonal rants and recipes. You have been warned.
  • Having a baby. Yay. Boy. Due in September.
  • Got sunburnt like a proper Guiri (or is it Langosta?) on my last quick trip to Spain. Boo.
So its been a busy year so far.

Whilst not really my line of work any more - I still like to keep tabs on the Spanish property market. Here's a post I made on Spanish Property Insight using Google's Trends for Websites to compare traffic levels.

Lets not leave it so long next time...

1 comment:

Total Deliciousness said...

Not hormonal rants at all. I think you'll find that the only one of us being asked to guest blog anywhere is me!
My blog rocks.
You also rock...sometimes.
Good post. We got married. Yay. Who you having a baby with? Boo!