Tuesday, March 13, 2007

IN reverts to 7.5%

The Inmo-network, the MLS that was born from the Viva/IN brouhaha, has decided to revert to listing shared properties at 7.5% (up from 5%).

Also worth noting is Viva Estate's new venture into overseas markets, planetviva.com.

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Gary Ingram said...

Hi Jamie,

I see that Viva are being a bit coy about where they will actually be selling, looks to me like they are playing catch up!

I also heard on the Radio yesterday that Ocean Estates {remember them} had just been involved in a management buyout led by Clive Saxby the existing CEO.

He was saying how he was gonna change things and concentrate on the Spanish Market etc. Bet the old owners are happy that he has these great ideas now, makes you wonder what he has been doing!

By the way your videos are bloody adictive!

Cynically yours