Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Social Events and Social Sites

Went to the wedding of a very old chum last weekend and had a great old time. Managed to lose the nice silk tie I bought at Malaga Airport, and instead found myself rushing round the local TK Max for any old nylon nasty.

Also, I still don't own a digital camera, so all the pics I took were on my mobile phone. "Mills, you pikey, buy a proper camera" etc...

Also I think I was one of the few single people there, as the smug marrieds kept pointing me towards anything with a few teeth and a pulse.

Anyhoo, my insecurities and general social faux pas aside, it was a fantastic couple of days. I received a rather nice set of stirling silver collar stiffeners (yes, really!) for being an usher.

Now, I have a phone full of pictures, whats the best way to share them? And flickr sprang to mind. Its great.

Nice suit chunks, so whats flickr then?

Its a photo sharing website, first and foremost. But its also one of those modern web 2.0 type sites where you comment, create groups and the whole social web thingy. But basically the 2 best things I have found is that:

  • You can download a widget to your pc which allows you to upload one or more pics at the click of your mouse.

  • You have a permanent online repository of all your pics. You can link to them from your blog and/or send the url to anyone you want to share the pics with.
All rather clever. I even found some fun flickr based sites such as:

  • Flickr tag browser - a funky search app that lets you search all the pics uploaded and suggests related keywords. Try finding those photos of Britney without her knickers on for example.

  • flickrvision - a semi voyeuristic worlwide insight into what people are uploading real time.
Have fun, but really, I don't want to see any pictures of your cats.

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