Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edinburgh Festival & Fringe 2009

Absolutely loved my holiday in Edinburgh, enjoying the sites and sounds of the various festivals. It truly is a fascinating and beautiful city, vividly brought to life in August by the thousands of shows and their lively promoters.

I was a festival/fringe virgin until now and absolutely loved the heady mix of booze, comedy and music. It brings back those lovely, lazy student years.

Well, my highlights of Edinburgh -

  • The National Museum of Scotland - great interactive as well as historical stuff (plus see Dolly the Sheep).
  • A-team the musical, really.
  • Bec Hill - cutesy but fun stand up exploring the nature of super heroes. With free cheese on toast.
  • John Robins - excellent stand up, with great observations on relationship breakdown. Warning - your girlfriend will want to take him home and look after him
  • Book Festival - meet authors, buy books, listen to readings - great!!!
Also found out they give awards for the funniest jokes at the fringe. My fave:

Marcus Brigstocke - "To the people who've got iPhones: you just bought one, you didn't invent it!"

The best (and worst) fringe gags are here -

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