Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A back door into Google?

I will post some thoughts and pointers on general SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) fairly soon, probably including a basic do's and don'ts for real estate SEO. See my big fat disclaimer though.

But for now have a look at Googlebase. Last year Google announced the launch of this monster application at a conference I was attending. Immediately every geek in the venue was scuttling off to see if or how this app could benefit their business.

Googlebase is a giant database containing all types of information, from products such as shoes and diamond earrings to things like recipes, and you've guessed it - real estate listings.

You can upload any or all of your portfolio to Googlebase. This can be done through the interface or if you have your own house-trained geek, they can do it in bulk with some IT trickery.

The 64,000 lira question - is it worth doing? Well, a year down the line I am yet to see staggering amounts of traffic flooding in to our sites as a result. In fact I am yet to see any I think. Google claim that the data in Googlebase will, to varying degrees, inform their regular search listings. I have seen some evidence of this, but only for very obscure terms, usually small value products. So not houses then.

But, yes, I do think it is worth doing. Eventually I think we will see Google incorporate Googlebase data into their search results in a more significant way. My advice? upload and maintain your portfolio and be patient. Its free, after all.

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