Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Property Advice Gets Sexy

Its refreshing when, wading through the daily pile of junk mail that gets into my inbox, I find an interesting marketing email. Its like being at a boring party and surprising yourself by meeting someone interesting.

I received such a marketing email from BuyAssociation. Unlike the usual chaff that clogs my inbox - piss poor sites with no traffic, but the great idea that they are going to charge money - this looked promising.

Basically they say they offer impartial property advice, nothing new there, but the way they deliver it is. You can listen to streaming audio at your desk, of Adrian Mills (yes, him off That's Life), interviewing various industry pundits on overseas property markets.

Or, you can download the podcast ( a pod what?) to listen to at your leisure. Plus they back up all their broadcasts with downloadable pdf fact sheets. Brilliant. Plus it looks like they have spent some money on designing and marketing the site. So they are probably serious. And I bet Adrian Mills doesn't come Alan Partridge cheap.

Although.. talking of money - their advertising rates may make smaller agents spit out their sangria. From their media pack I worked it out to be more expensive per click/download than some Google ads. But we'll see. I like this new media approach, its sexy. And they get an 'A' for effort.

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