Tuesday, September 26, 2006

10 things to do (or not) - Las Vegas Pubcon

As I mentioned earlier I will be attending November's Las Vegas Pubcon, chewing the fat with the geek fraternity. Based on my performance last year, here are my top 10 things to do this year:

1. Learn to play at least one card game. And be cool while I'm doing it. Last year, I messed up with the rules for roulette.

2. Go shoot the biggest gun I can lay my hands on. Frightened the life out of myself last year with a peashooter, but then I am English.

3. Get Matt Cutts to review my site. Remove all the spammy links to/on my site

4. Stop politely saying "No thank you" to each and every chap in the street who offers me a youg lady's business card.

5. Try to remember at least one useful nugget of SEO information before the beer washes it all away.

6. Stop pointing to the monorail/helicopters/fake Eiffel Tower like I'm the country cousin.

7. Not brag about my tuppeny websites when I'm sitting next to the guy who owns hotels.com (and realestate.com and... )

8. Find out if there really is a Ferrari dealership inside the Wynn (So my friend claims).

9. Take some business cards, so I can win some free mouse mats/mp3 players/more mouse mats.

10. Realise that the attractive ladies who sidle up and chat to me at the bar at 3am are not really interested in "this great conference that I've just been to" and in fact may have an altogether different agenda.

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