Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just Browsing

2 new browser releases in the same week: Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2!

"Whoopey Doo" I hear you say.

Well IE 7 is an update of the ever popular Internet Explorer which has dominated the market for years. Its main new selling point is that it allows tabbed browsing. But be careful, since I have heard and read lots of reports of the new IE7 browser cocking things up, and causing more grief than its worth. I had to uninstall it after I found it buggered up some stuff on my PC at home.

Contrast that with Firefox 2.0 a sleek beauty of a browser which has had tabbed browsing for the last year or two. And it has more shiny features and plugins than you can shake a stick at.

Because Firefox is open source, a large community of developers create useful add ons such as the Gmail notifier. If you have never tried Firefox, give it a go, I was converted about a year ago and hardly ever use IE now, unless I have to.

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