Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Viva Estates Closes?

A pre-Christmas flurry of real estate office closures appears to have taken place on the Costa del Sol with the most high profile fall being that of Viva Estates. The once ubiquitous agent has now apparently closed all its offices apart from its large Expo hall.

Perhaps Viva in some sleeker, lightweight new clothes, will make a re-appearance in the near future? Dynamic management and a cracking website count in their favour if nothing else.

Also rumoured to have closed large offices are Andalucian Dream Homes and high-end Marbella agent Kristina Szeckley.

Efficient rationalisation or death rattle?

Either way a large number of sales staff are now knocking on the doors of Wemploy and co. Not the best start to the festive season.

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Disgruntled said...

Yes and what I find most surprising that their management get air time on TV when he stills owes ex-staff money! I am one of many who left over a year ago and have not been paid on deals made. Such a shame as I was proud to work for the leading estate agents on the Costa del Sol - turns out that they are just the same as all the others.