Monday, December 04, 2006

McCarthy: relocating to UK

My colleague sends me this quote from OPP regarding Chris McCarthy's decision to step down:

Viva Estates, Chris McCarthy

Chris McCarthy, managing director of Viva Estates is to take a board position at Viva Estates while Richard Jackson will assume responsibilities as Chairman and Managing Director.

Stepping back from day to day management of the company he part owns, McCarthy explained the reasons for his departure in a communiqué to all VIVA staff on 27th November. Commenting on his decision Chris said: “Both the company and its management have developed during my eight years as MD and Viva is now extremely well placed to carry through the next expansion phase. As a major shareholder I remain hugely committed to the company and will make any effort that is required from me to assist Richard. Now is the right time for me to step back, take a seat in the boardroom, enable a smooth transition and enjoy 2007 for what the coast has to offer”.

Elaborating on plans to move to the UK in mid 2008 with his wife Mandy, McCarthy told the OPP that he planned to find more time to enjoy his last year on the coast after 20 years of non stop work. “It is true to say that I have been working non stop for 20 years and in the past 2 years have only had 3 weeks holiday, so this is my time to take some time off and enjoy playing golf and having a nice time here on the coast, where we will keep our home but from where we intend to spend more time next year in the UK because of our kids GCSEs and the like.”

He confirmed that he had not left the company, but had passed the reins over to his partner while staying on the board. Richard Jackson said: “Both as a friend and a business colleague I have tremendous respect for the way that Chris has selflessly led the company and developed our business to where it is today. We all owe Chris a huge debt of gratitude and I am delighted we will be able to call on his experience in the boardroom.”

What is interesting, is that no-one is mentioning the 2/3% policy. If they are keeping it why not reaffirm this? Anyway good luck to Chris McCarthy, he has definitely earned a holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Chris was given the hook after everyone else in the company agreed that the overseas property market was something Viva couldn't afford to be involved with, given the current boom in other emerging markets with agents along the coast and the UK cleaning up while Viva and Chris slagged them off as 'boiler room' operations.

How ironic now that Viva now plans to enter emerging markets....