Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Millsbomb's Gongs

Its that time of year when all I see on TV are those 2006 review or awards shows.

And I really like them.

A bit like those list programs on Channel 4 ("The top 100 left handed comedians" etc..)

Love 'em.

So anyway allow me to inaugurate (look it up) Millsbomb's Gongs - random awards for stuff I liked on the web in 2006.

Best Spanish portal/information site: through nothing other than sheer weight of content. Kudos too to for inventive marketing hooks, like their free SMS service and film & DVD guide.

Best looking Spanish property website: - despite their ups and downs this year Viva still have the best branding and look by far. And not just with their website. They are still the daddies when it comes to brand.

Most useful Spanish property website: - Martin Dell is almost religious about functionality when you talk to him, and it shows in his site. Redesigned this year with a snappy new web 2.0 look, the site remains the most comprehensive snapshot of the resales market here in Spain.

Best worldwide site: - their focus is worldwide emerging markets, but unlike many of their competitors they mangage their wealth of content well. Plus applause for their Internet Marketing, which sees them top 10 for many juicy terms.

Best newcomer: - Launched earlier this year, the site has a professional, broadcast feel of quality about it, plus they floated my boat with their use of podcasts. Honorable mention: offers a fairly juicy number of podcasts here.

Best forum site: - Run by journalist, Mark Stucklin, the focus can be on the more negative aspects, but the community feel is strong with sound advice. Honorable mention: - readable blog, with some neat video presentations.

***Not property related:

Best SEO/Internet Marketing site: - Amid the myriad of SEO sites out there this one has least noise, most news.

Most fun to waste time on site: - Addictive games for when you just can't be arsed with work. Seen me through many a bored hour.

What do you think? Found a site you think should be on this list? Add a comment and let me know.

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